Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wedding wednesday

Hello ladies! Im super excited for wedding wednesady today! Im gonna share with you a couple pics of the invites finished. If you remember I already shared a bit of what they will look like here. Now I have them all assembled. the only thing left to do is add postage and the envelope.
arent they lovely? I am so happy with the way the turned out and prooud of myself for designing and making them myself from scratch! I think they represent the wedding well and give you perfect glimpse into what you can expect at the wedding. Thats what invitations are meant to do right?!

thanks for stopping by and sharing in this amazing planning with me!



  1. Those are awesome! Good work! Have you checked out the website I was looking around on there and there are a ton of ideas that are right up your alley. I also think that you should post your boquets on there!