Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wedding wednesday

Hello ladies, welcome to wedding wednesday.
Sadly today I dont have much to share in the way of projects.
Ive have been busy working on things but Im not quite ready to share them.
This weekend we are heading out of town to the wedding location to get final measurements of the site and final table placement etc.
I have my bag packed with tape measure, paper, pen, and camera. prepared I am.
I'm real excited to go away this weekend. Also plan on doing some more wedding painting and thrifting, we are still in need of quite a few muffin tins.
But rest assured work will be done this weekend, bunting will be sewn, mason jars will be assembled, glasses will be washed and stored, lids will be painted, frames will be disassembled.
OOOOOHHHHH I'm so excited!

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