Monday, May 2, 2011

weekend re-cap

First let me start off by saying that I am so proud of our troops and what they accomplished this weekend. I only heard about it this morning, valdo let me know this morning as I was leaving for work. I am happy and feel a sense of relief that this man is no longer promoting, leading, teaching, and engaging in the horrible cruel things he was doing. I dont feel like we are getting justice for 9-11 because honestly nothing can ever fix or make up for that but I do feel that we have at least taken out a key figure from that. Maybe just maybe things will get better from here on out. Thank you to our troops for all you do including my friend Jeff Traeger.

have you ever had a weekend where it just seems like nothing went right. no matter what you did something went wrong. that was the way things were in my house this weekend. on thursday I hurt my foot. I dont usually go for walks but I did thursday and I went for a very long long walk. I over did it forsure. now I'm in pain with a pulled muscle in my foot. it hurts. seriously. every time I step down it hurts! so I tried to lay low. on friday i ran to target for a few items then home. saturday I cancelled all my plans to be home and help out my sister who was having car problems. we thought it was just her brakes, not the case. it was the brakes and the drivers hub so while the hub was being fixed the transaxle seal got hit and punctured. not good. this is what holds in all your tranny fluid. not good. so we drove my sister home and then decided we would tow her car to my work to have the seal fixed. this is going to be expensive.... 500-600$ even with my discount at work. not good! this morning we get to work and my dad was telling a co-worker he would fix it so we wouldn't have to tow it and pay all the labor cost! thank god! this is the only good news I got all weekend! so tonight we work on heidis car and hopefully all goes well!
so in the midst saturday of worring over my sisters car I decided to take a break and rest my foot. I went in my craft room turned on season 3 of dexter and go tto work on my invites for the wedding. I all of the sudden heard a huge crash and then the sound of someone laughing. (or so I thought) not the case at all. valdo and kona had ran down the top flight of stairs got to the landing and decided to horse around some more and run down the bottom flight as well. well kona decided to run through valdos legs causing him to fall down the bottom flight. I swear it was a like a scene out of a movie when i got to the hallway. he was laying at the bottom not moving. ugh! I was soo scared. he was awake and talking and nothing was broke so after him laying there for about 10 mins we decided to get him up and move him to the couch. his back is really messed up. he hit on his left side hip and lower back on the bottom two steps. hes not walking well but is getting better. he was using ice and heat and ibuprofen the rest of the weekend and laying on the couch. its getting a little better. if its not better in a couple of days he wants to go to the chiropractor. I feel so bad for him I know hes really hurt! ahhhh what a bad weekend.
the only semi positive thing was that I got all the invites matted and put into the doilies. but seriously I hope the next few days are better for us! we need it!


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  1. So sorry you had such a crappy weekend! Hopefully this week will be better!