Monday, May 9, 2011

weekend re-cap

Well I don't even know where to begin with what on this weekend. I've never been that scared I think in my life.

 Lets start Saturday morning. So There was 200+ garage sales going on near my house this weekend. Me and my mom had been planning for her to drive down the two hours and go with me. One of my sisters was also going to drive down and go with and then head to a wedding also down here.
So Saturday morning started good. We were hitting the sales and finding amazing deals. (I got much needed stuff for wedding and engagement photos) after awhile we decided to head to Michael's and party city to pick up some other wedding items.
As we were checking out in Michael's my moms cell phone rang. That was the beginning of one of the scariest things I have ever been through.
I thought nothing of the phone call, I was only ha listening really. Then I hear my mom say "He's being air lifted where?"  That was when I knew it was bad and it was someone in my family.
Jr. My little brother.(one of them)

So my brother had decided Saturday that he was going to his friends to cut a  trunk limb off a tree. The limb he wanted to cut was about a foot around and over 16 feet in the air. Jr got an extension ladder and a chainsaw, climbed up and just started cutting. Not the smartest way to go about it, dumb actually. He was cutting and cutting not tied off to anything. All the sudden the huge trunk limb started to break. Instead of falling it kicked back. Hit my brother in the chest and shoulder and threw him off the ladder into the tree behind him then he fell over 16 feet to the ground where his friend say he lit on his head. They said his body bounced once then lay flat. A minute later Jr started seizing. They immediately called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital in that city.(a small hospital). He was conscious in the ambulance but we were told he was very combative and fighting with everyone around him punching and kicking. They said this is a sign of head trauma. They then made the decision to airlift him downtown to the trauma hospital. We arrived there 20 mins after he did and they let us into the emergency room with him.
I tried to walk to the bed and hold his hand. They told us to talk to him and tell him we loved him. (looking back now I think they were unsure then if he would be ok). I couldn't do it. I couldn't stop crying, couldn't breathe. This was my little brother hooked to all these machines, broken and bloody. Ive never been so scared and sad.
The ER nurses tried to start telling us what they knew at the time.
4 fractured ribs, fractured eye socket, cuts all over him, partially deflated lung and bleeding on the brain. This was after only one cat scan and still no xrays.
Bleeding on the brain. Oh my god. my brother could be in real trouble here. This is what I kept thinking.
he was still seizing the whole time in the ER which was also hard to see. So all Saturday night it was touch and go. They could not get him stable till around 7 am Sunday morning. They got his blood pressure up , his temp up and he stopped seizing. Finally we had a little good news.
Sunday mid morning the nuero surgeons came and did more cat scans. The bleed hadn't stopped but hadn't grown. A good sign they thought. OK we're thinking, a little more good news, we are on the right track. finally Sunday afternoon they pulled out the breathing tube confident that he would breathe on his own. He did. Way to go Jr.!!! Next step was to try and wake up. He did wake up Sunday evening.  we were all so excited. Then we find out he doesn't know any of us. He doesn't know who we are. My heart just sank again. My poor brother. The nurse said he knew what day it was, she said it was a good sign. have faith. We do, we did. We are strong, Jr is strong he will pull through.
Sunday night he knew my sister. Then my step dad, thank god!!! Hes coming around!
As of this morning the doctors still wont remove the neck collar. he will need more xrays done for his neck. his lung is still partially deflated and with 4 fractured ribs it makes it hard for him to breathe, but he is breathing. they still want a surgeon to look at his fractured eye socket because theres a lot of bloody drainage into his mouth. but for the most part they are finally saying my brother will heal with time. He will be okay and shouldn't have any long term effects.
Thank the lord for taking care of my brother and my family. For the fate that we were all close by when it happened.
You never know when you could get a phone call like that. you never know when your life will go from shopping at Michael's to a life and death situation.
I'm thankful for the family and Friends who visited, for my grandmas church for praying for my brother. I'm thankful for my best friends for making sure I was okay and dealing and reminding me to breathe and be strong for my family.
Thank you to the ER nurse Teri who helped calm my fears and helped me understand what was going on so I was able to stand by brothers bedside.
Jr. I love you and cant wait for you to get better so we can go fishing!
chris johnson jr



  1. Hugs to you Val. Big, hard hugs.

  2. So so sorry this happened. I'm praying for you all. ((((Hugs))))

  3. Omg! I am so sorry for all of you! I will be sending positive thoughts your way!

  4. I am glad Jr. is on the road to recovery and you all stuck together and had Faith...I hope you can go fishing really soon!