Monday, May 23, 2011

Wow: Weekend re-cap

So I had and extrememly eventful weekend, If you think eventful means sitting in front of the tv watching the news praying that the tornado doesn't touch down where you are. Thats how the whole weekend went. Saturday It rained all day, so hard that ditches flooded and some small roads near me were washed out. around 5 pm saturday the tornado sirens went off for the first time. scary.  so we watched the news and watched the sky waiting to see the beast. It never showed on saturday. not any where really. It touched down briefly but cause no damage. It continued to rain all night saturday. strong hard rain. the kind they call torrential down pour, the kind where they issue flood warnings.
So sunday I wake up and the sun is out! woohoo I thought I can actually get some painting done today. So I head outside and started painting some lids for the wedding.
I got about 40 lids painted then it started to rain again. Im thinking geesh, am I ever going to get a nice day without rain. (Its been raining since thrusday and the news said it won't stop till wednesday) So I rush to get my stuff in out of the rain and head inside. I just sit down with some food and the Tornado sirens go off again. What??? so I turn the news on and it looks like things are worse today than yesterday. Today Is really strong chance the tornado will touch down where I am.
Heres a radar shot. I live in east bethel which as you can see is in a direct route of the storm.
then the sirens go off a second time. Now Im more nervous. Heres a little video of the what the sky was looking like then and that wailing noise you hear is the tornado sirens going off again.

Tornado weather from valechula on Vimeo.

Right after I got this video we started seeing debris fall from the sky. I couldnt be out side then, Its too dangerous but what fell was a bunch of shingles, some sheet metal, a large piece of orange plastic and this: A street banner from Lowry ave. in Minneapolis which is about 30 miles from where I live.
This banner is large. about 2.5 x 5 feet. Amazing that the tornadic winds carried it all that way. I have lived in Minnesota most of my life and seen a lot of storms and twice seen a torando in person but I have never watched random stuff just fall from the sky. Its so eerie.
So it turned out that the tornado missed me but not by much. Some traffic cams caught this tornado on the ground which was in forest lake. 8 miles from my house. Im guessing this how the debris got to us.
It was forsure a tense weekend. I wanted to also share these links with you If you are a tornado junkie like me and are in need of more images.
My photographer friend Ian lives in Minneapolis where it got it the hardest. He lost windows on his house and shingles and had a 2x4 through the roof of his shed, so overall he made it out lucky. but he went outside and snapped these shots just mins after it happened.
This is the photo gallery from the news staiton
and heres a article about it which includes aerial shots, more images and video.
The news said we only lost one life. My heart goes out to that family but I am so thankful that the devastation wasnt worse. Tornados are so destructive.
I hope you all had a less eventful weekend!


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  1. Thanks for all the info. I'm a weather junkie.