Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blog party

blog party
Hello lovelies! Today is the day of my huge blog party in celebration of my 29th birthday! There will be so much fun going on today, jam packed with goodies and fun posts!
I want to say a huge huge huge thank you to all the amazing ladies participating in the blog party with me today!
You ladies are so kind to give up your time and goodies for today! it means a lot and I'm so happy to have gotten to know each of you a bit better!

This is my last year having a birthday in my 20's. I'm not worried. 30 will be fabulous and I've come along ways to get here! Been through alot and have many more adventures on the horizon.
I've seen may people making these lists. I think they are fabulous. Not only does it help to have goals, but writing your goals down make them easier. I also believe that by putting wishes and dreams out into the universe you are only helping yourself that much more.
So this is me doing that. Sharing my goals and dreams for this last year in my 20's.
29 before 30

1-Have an amazing wedding to my "chulo" Valdo.
2-Re-decorate my scrap room
3-Re-decorate our bedroom
4-Get a car ( the trucks are such gas hogs)
5-Seriously clean out my stuff and donate what is not wanted/needed
6-Cherish each minute spent with my bestie when she visits!
7-Work on the baby issues
8-Learn to cook more 'authentic' Spanish dishes for valdo
9-Work on all the new etsy Ideas I have
10-Try a rhubarb recipe (now that I grow some of it)
11-Get/Learn photoshop
12-Continue my Walking 5 days a week
13-Get more serious about getting Healthy
14-Take another trip with Valdo
15-Have date night at least Once a month
16-Continue Saving money with the plan I have now
17-Go fishing more if possible
18-Do another round of p52
19-Make 1 layout a week
20-Honestly start earlier on christmas cards and gifts.(no last minute stuff)
21-Try camping with Valdo
22-Spend more time up north and outside with Valdo and Kona
23-Paying off some bills
24-Taking as much time as possible to be creative in any form I can be.
25-Work on laying out more goals for the future
26-Try some new food at least once a month
27-Get a better camera
28-Wear more of my skirts when we go places
29-Love life every day as much as possible!

So stay tuned ladies, Every hour there will be more fun today!!!



  1. Love your list! I've enjoyed doing a list like that this year as well. Such a way to hold yourself accountable to things that you want to do anyway!

  2. Happy late birthday Val!!! Enjoy checking things off your list, and thanks for the super fun blog party!