Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cooling down Valdo style....

Its been so hot in Minnesota. Today they think it may reach triple digits. What???
This is the reader board sign at my work.
So last night Valdo and Kona were outside watering all the plants and lawn. Valdo says its too hot I need to cool down. He decided to spray himself with mist from the hose.
This is good, the mist will you cool you down and its not too much cold water all at once. A minute later He learned how cold well water all at once from a hose can be.
(Turn it up and you'll hear him squeal! LOL!)

Cooling off from valechula on Vimeo.

He must like the cold cause he kept doing It. Ha, I was laughing so hard! Its the moments like this I truly adore Valdo!


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