Thursday, June 9, 2011


Do you believe in Soulmates? That there is one person in the world that just gets you. That makes you a better person. That believes in you no matter what? I do. I don't believe that soulmates need to be your significant other which is proof in my life. And hey, look at Dawson and Joey, they were soul mates and stay best friends.
I have found my soulmate. No its not Valdo. It doesn't have to be Valdo. Me and Valdo have a very special bond. We Love each other to the ends of the world and will spend our lives together. No my soulmate is my friend.
How does Fate work? That the universe just knows the exact right time to bring people together. That just when everything is your life is falling apart and you see no sun on the horizon, Fate gives you the hand to help you stand again. This is exactly how we were brought together.
I was Falling apart, Lost, didn't know where to turn or what would happen next. I felt like I had no one to understand, to help me through, no one to listen. Life was caving in on me and I was suffocating under the stress of the situation, the feeling of being completely helpless and grief stricken.
Then a hand reached out to me. It was a light in the darkness that had become my life. It was so simple. "I'm here for you if you need me." Those words are so powerful. They opened a door. They let light in. They become the bridge of communication for the most honest, trusting, and blessed friendship I could ask for.
I'm beyond blessed to have her in my life. To know that theres nothing I could say or do to make her see less in me. To know that she gets it. She understands me and what I was dealing with. To know that she loves me enough to be by my side the good and bad.
How many people do we meet in our lifetimes? Countless. But how many people do you truly connect with. I mean truly. How many people really really know whats in your heart and soul and love you all the more for it?
Friends are so important in life. They are what makes it real. The connections we have with people they drive you towards being the person you want to be. They support and carry you when you feel you cant do it on your own.
I'm blessed to Have Valdo and I thank God everyday for him. I'm also amazed that I received such a sweet friend in my life.
I believe you need to tell people how you feel. Tell the people in your lives that you love them. Let them know how important they are and the way they have improved your life.
This is my Thank you to my best friend.
I'm on a mission to find a new word for my Best friend. It doesn't give it justice. It doesn't describe all that comes with being a best friend and that you receive from a best friend.
It's so much deeper that shopping trips to the mall. It's more fulfilling than cookie dough ice cream.
It's something that needs to be felt to understand.
thank you
Thank you for Being there for me always without question or doubt. Thank you for understanding even what I couldn't understand myself. Thank you for teaching me to be better, stronger, happier. Thank you for helping me to let go of what I thought I knew and allowing myself to learn. Thank you for being so caring, thoughtful, and sweet. Thank you for being you and letting me in, for listening without judgement.
Thank you for teaching me about forgiveness and letting go. For showing me that Friendship is not about heartache and lies. Thank you for your openness, your compassion and your creativity. For taking that first simple step.
Thank you for helping me and guiding me to be the best person I can be.
For being my best friend!


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