Saturday, June 4, 2011

My cup runneth over....

That's one of my favorite lines in the movie Hope Floats. (sweetest movie ever) I'm feeling this quote so much lately.
It just feels like we (I) am in a good place right now. We are growing closer and happier each day. Yes we still have spats with each other and bicker, but we are happy. We are growing, loving, learning, inspiring, and caring each day more and more.
I'm tickled pink over all the wedding plans. Over the fact that this wedding is happening on a shoestring budget yet it is showcasing us and who we are! That we (I) are doing it all by hand. I'm so proud of that.
I'm over the moon for my bestie and so excited that our paths have crossed and what a special bond we have created together. SHE IS AMAZING!!!
Sue I know that things could get stressful as we get closer and closer to the day. I also know that me and valdo will face many struggles in the next couple of years. But I have faith. Faith in him, faith in me, faith in us.
I feel like right now everything is what its supposed to be. We are headed the right direction. I am on my way.
I feel blessed to be on the journey I'm on, with the people I love beside me.
I am going to continue to live in the moments, to savor it all. To reflect and remember and never lose sight of what is truly Important for Us (me).
Melody Ross shared an amazing post this morning. Here. I will take her advice. I will be still and silent and happy.
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  1. That picture is so beautiful! Love your hair piece :)