Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

So I got alot of wedding stuff done this weekend! I got the borrowed and old things picked out from my Mom and grandma. My shoes are the blue and my dress is the new.
We got all the postage for the Invites and rsvp so I will work on those this week. We got most of the frames painted and we finished painting the lids and baskets.
We made all the center pieces and also wrapped all the the silverware and then stored those in tupperware tubs.
Heres a few images of what we did.
wedding wednesday
wedding wednesday
wedding wednesday
wedding wednesday
I'm starting to feel like Im getting more and more done! And silly me, started making awhole bunch of tissue poms. wow. Not easy to store those things once they are all fluffed up so for now we are making them all up to the fluffing stage. We will fluff right before we hang them , the day before.
Next week I will share just a couple shots I got of the location, looking over the lake.Its breath taking and the park we chose really is Minnesota in a nut shell. It reminds me of my dad and when i was young! I cannot wait to get married there!



  1. wow! you've been busy! so exciting...i love all the colors!!

    -kat (my blogger is acting up and won't let me sign with my google account)

  2. love those mason jars val, love all the sweet colors. i can just see it all put together :) love your sll layout too :) xxx marlene