Monday, June 13, 2011


So I had a long weekend! My suburban got some major work done. ugh. I hate being without a vehicle, and it took my poor dad, uncle, and valdo all weekend to get it back to working condition! I felt so bad for them. I am so appreciative that I have family and friends to help out with stuff like that.

On a happier note as most of you remember we did our engagement shoot this weekend! It was so fun! Granted I am covered in mosquito bites and we had to pick off alot of ticks,(Icky, valdo picked them off for me, Icky!) but it was so fun! Valdo really was a good sport even when he realized that no, he would not be wearing his torn jeans with a ufc t-shirt and standing in the back yard. hahaha. Boys sometimes do not understand right? So I was proud he pushed through and was a good sport about the whole thing which lasted alot longer than he thought it would!
Because the photographer is my friend I already got the images from him. None of them are edited yet and we haven't even deleted the bloopers yet.... But soon I will share them all with you.
For now I will leave with one. (still UN-edited) to tide you over.
Engagement photos
This one doesn't really give anything way. I want to save all the amazing ones to share with you later!

In other news, Don't forget that Wednesday the 15th is my birthday blog party!
blog party
Its going to a fabulous day with new posts every hour!!!



  1. Can't wait to see what you have cooked up for Wednesday! And the engagement photos....share soon, please???

  2. I will chris just as fast as our hands can click to edit them!!!!