Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Ive been going through alot emotionally lately and really struggling. Im trying to stay positive and have faith. It will all be okay. It will all work out. Everything happens for a reason.
So I'm sorry I have been an absent blogger lately. I think writing and talking and trying to keep life normal may help so Im trying to get back to my regular posts.
starting to today with
This long weekend I spent with my mom up north. It home to me. Its peacful, reflective, and serene.
I thought alot and made alot of what if plans. Plans that may become my reality. Im okay with it. I knew the road would be hard when I signed up. I will come through this okay. We will come through this okay.
I did get a few moments through out all my planning, reflecting, praying, and thinking to have some fun. to kick back and let the wind blow my hair. Literally.
all though I have no photos to prove this I went tubing this weekend behind my (daredevil) cousins wake board speed boat. what do I have to show for it today? A scraped chin and fat and bruised lip. It was fun forsure but a bit wild. I also did some kayaking which I had never done. Fun but tiring!
We spent one day antique-ing in a little town called crosby. 9 antique stores within 3 blocks on the main street. It was heaven. The smell when you walk into an antique store is irresistable. Old books, meets moth balls, meets dust and dirt, meets old wood. I just love it! I snagged up a bunch of sheet music. A Bridal Bingo game fom 1957 that has never been played. all the pieces are still hooked together. Its precious! I will try to take a pic this week. I also got an old websters dictionary copyright 1957. so excited for that. I got a bunch of other old books to make into art and mini books. But best of all from grandma I got a whole bunch of old dress patterns some dating back to the 20's. I wanted them for art but now cant bear to tear them up. I will save these and have to keep hunting for some other old patterns.

I also want to mention that on friday I posted the new challenge at scrap,laugh,love.
Heres what I made for it:
Stop by and join the challenge with us! We would love to see how your inspired by it!

I hope to back later this week with more posts.
until then...

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