Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A new feature

So me and my bestie had made all these grand plans to start early, as in january, on christmas stuff for this year. Unfortunately all that went down the drain as wedding plans quickly took over. Although its July it's still early right? So we have decided now is the time to get a start on this.
I'm very excited to post this feature and get you all in the christmas mood and maybe help inspire you to get a head start. This will allow you more time to actually enjoy the holiday season instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off 2 days before christmas trying to finish!
I plan on making this a linky feature so that we can all share an inspire each other to get our butts in gear and not wait till the last minute. Besides when its 98 outside with a heat index of 115 what else can you do but sit in the air conditioning craft room you love so much.

So heres a few steps of how Me and Renee got started.

step one
Decide first where you are going to start. We all love to send cards right? We choose to start there. Mainly because this takes the longest cause we send so many and also cards are easy to work on just a couple a week and still get them done on time.

Step two
Pick out the product you will be using for your cards. I like fun christmas patterns and I dont usually go for the traditional style. We both picked out the same set and ordered today.

christmas paper

Now even if your not really into making cards (which I'm not) don't worry. It's actually really fun and the thought that counts the most! Your friends and family will appreciate it!

Step three
make your list of recipients. This is important. Take your time, and know that this list will probably grow as time goes on. But don't worry about that, we don't want to forget anyone right.
christmas list
(also be sure to use fun winter/christmas paper when creating your list just to get you in the mood)

Step four
create a fun image for the feature so you can blog about it.
christmas image

Now I am putting the linky tool on this post also (provided I can figure it out) so that you can all link and share if your interested in doing this or maybe you have already started some christmas themed items.
you may use the linky tool for anything christmas related you have started for this year.

I'm so excited for this and I cant wait to get to work on this stuff and be inspired by my bestie Renee and all of you!



  1. great idea, val! I hope I can find some time in my ridiculously busy schedule to join you & get started on my Christmas cards!


    PS: Love the blog music! :D

  2. I just love this post....so much fun!!!

  3. Great idea but.....you forgot us on your list!!!! :)