Friday, July 22, 2011


project 52
Hello everyone.I hope your as excited as I am that its friday! Me and most of my family took a trip to ValleyFair the amusement park here in Minnesota a little bit back. Heres the only semi decent photo of the day. After this we all looked like drowned rats from being in the water all day.
project 52
The people here are Me, my sister Heidi, My Brother Alex, My sister Rachelle and her boyfriend Pete and my brother Jr. who if you all remember had quite an accident mothers day weekend.(see this post)He is almost fully recovered from that and doing much better thankfully. I try to soak up every single second I can with these guys. I love them more than they will ever know. This is our third summer doing this. We are kinda making it a tradition. Next year we are going to try and go to Wisconsin Dells instead. Also I want to spend as much time with this little brother Alex as possible. Soon he will be off to MIT and thats tooo far I think for me to visit him. I will miss him so much!
I hope you have have a fabulous weekend and that the weather cools off some and you are able to get outside. Our record breaking heat that passed us on mon-wed that beat 60 year records is headed east they say. So stay cool everyone and drink water LOL. (I sound like such a mom)



  1. Awww, this post makes me miss MY brother!

    Glad you did something to stay cool. When I got in my car the other day, the thermometer said 109. I almost died before the air conditioning started working.

    HOPEFULLY, Kyle and I are taking a trip to the water park next Saturday. I'll let you know if that happens (and if he can actually convince me to do any of the scary slides).

  2. Great pic! Looks like a fun day!