Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Hello lovelies.
For todays post I wanted to share with you the experience I had while getting my dress fitted. (and another image of the dress pre-alterations still of course, and a camera phone image. fun none the less I think.)
The dress looks so different in person. The tulle is amazing and the straps which are not on here. And its really Ivory which I think it looks white in the pictures.

So me and my mom drove down to St. Paul downtown to pick up the dress. We had decided against having alterations where we brought the dress cause it was too far away and expensive. Theres a lovely lady near where I live who worked on all our dress's for my sisters wedding. The lady is so sweet and does fabulous work.
Too bad for me the day we pick to go It's 97 and 75% humidity. Ick.
We arrived at the tailors and she immediately got me in my dress and started pinning it. Well who knew it would take hundreds and hundreds of pins. I never even thought of how long this would take or all the work involved. Because before alterations the dress was over 8 inches too long she had me standing on stage and then on a step stool so i was kinda high up. and the step stool was so small I couldnt move my feet around.
I was just standing and standing there bored as heck staring at the ceiling. Sweet Helen (the tailor) kept asking me if I needed a break, if I was okay, was I too hot. Well the answer was yes, but I just really wanted to finish and not try to move in this huge dress now full of pins.
Two hours later. YES, two hours later I started to get sick. It came on fast and strong. I said let me sit down. I climbed down and sat on a stool. My mom handed me water but I could drink. I was dizzy and felt more nauseous than I ever have. I could hear them talking but It was like I wasnt really there. I could focus on them or what was going on around me. I could hear Helen saying what do we do? We need to get her out of the dress but It meant nothing to me. I kept thinking Im going to faint. Im going to puke. Im going to tip right over. I cant breathe. My mom told me later I was pretty much hyper ventallating. I couldn't breathe and my breaths were coming fast and short. She said she was saying my name and trying to get me to look at her and I couldn't focus on here. My eyes were rolling back into my head. I sorta knew she was talking to me and what was going on but I guess I couldn't process what was going on. I'm now thinking I need to lay down. At this point my dress is half on as they were trying to get me out of the dress to cool down. I could't take it anymore. I just tipped off the stool half in my dress and put my head on the floor. The second and I mean exact second my head was down I started to focus. To come out of the fog. To catch my breath. All the blood was coming back to my brain. I stayed that way for a few moments and then Helens son arrived from next door. She called him because he is an EMT. (poor Helen I scared her half to death)He gave me water, Ice packs under the arms and then they finally helped me get the dress off.
Now you may ask why did this happen? I have spoken to a few other brides since this happened to find out if I'm the only one. The answer is no.
This happens more often than think and for a variety of reasons.
So to avoid this happening to you heres a few friendly tips:
-Do Not keep your knees locked while standing there for alterations.
-Come prepared for the time length. If your dress is large know that It may take some time to pin it all.
-Eat before you go.
-Drink alot of water.
-Make sure they have the air on or have a fan blowing on you.
-Take breaks. Helen offered them to me but I thought I didn't need to. You do. And if they dont offer. You ask them.
-Have your alterations done in 2 appointments instead of one. This is wahat I ended up doing.
-Listen to your body. Mine was telling me the whole time to put my head down (on the floor or between my knees) it knew I was losing blood flow to my brain.
-Take someone with you that knows you and will know if you are getting sick even if you dont know it.

So ladies these are my words of wisdom Experience on having your wedding dress fitted.

Do you have a smiliar story? I would love to hear your experiences!
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  1. Oh, WOW. I was very blessed that I did not have to have alterations done on my dress but I can't BELIEVE how long it took for them to do that for you! I'm glad you're okay. I'll have to remember to tell my best friend that since she's having her alterations done in the next week or two.