Thursday, August 4, 2011

29 before 30 update

I thought I might do monthly or bi-monthly updates on my 29 before 30 list.
So here we go with the first update!

29 before 30

1-Have an amazing wedding to my "chulo" Valdo.
2-Re-decorate my scrap room
3-Re-decorate our bedroom
4-Get a car ( the trucks are such gas hogs)
5-Seriously clean out my stuff and donate what is not wanted/needed
I have been working hard on this. so far I have cleaned out my closet, my dresser, and the bathroom and gotten rid of gargabe and donated the rest! I feel awesome about it and I'm trying to work on one area every week!
6-Cherish each minute spent with my bestie when she visits!
7-Work on the baby issues
8-Learn to cook more 'authentic' Spanish dishes for valdo
9-Work on all the new etsy Ideas I have
I have been working hard on this also. Making sketch's lists and drawing working it all out in my head.
10-Try a rhubarb recipe (now that I grow some of it)
11-Get/Learn photoshop
12-Continue my Walking 5 days a week
13-Get more serious about getting Healthy
14-Take another trip with Valdo
15-Have date night at least Once a month
16-Continue Saving money with the plan I have now
17-Go fishing more if possible
18-Do another round of p52
19-Make 1 layout a week
I think I'm right on scheldule with the layouts. and If I'm not some weeks I do 3 or 5 so It makes up for it!
20-Honestly start earlier on christmas cards and gifts.(no last minute stuff)
Got this started too as you can see here in this post: early x-mas
21-Try camping with Valdo
22-Spend more time up north and outside with Valdo and Kona
23-Paying off some bills
24-Taking as much time as possible to be creative in any form I can be.
25-Work on laying out more goals for the future
26-Try some new food at least once a month
27-Get a better camera
28-Wear more of my skirts when we go places
I have been waering my skirts and dress's like crazy! and !!!! best part is I got 3 new dress's as a gift last week!!! can't wait to wear all of them!
29-Love life every day as much as possible!

For only being a little over a month in I think I'm doing well!!!


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  1. You're doing better than me! I meant to make a list, but didn't even get that far!