Friday, August 5, 2011

project 52

project 52
Hello ladies and hello week 29 of my project 52.
My moms family is from a small town in Minnesota with a population of 94 or less. Its teeny tiny. the actual city part is only 2 blocks by 2 blocks. That's it. Its been a second home to me my whole life. Its where we lived when I was a baby, where I've spent every Christmas since I was born. Its where my grandpa rest's now. Its peaceful and quiet. It's where my family lives now and where I had my shower last weekend.
project 52
This is the old schoolhouse. Its actually fairly large. It has more than one room and even a dungeon of a basement. It was used for tamarack and the surrounding areas. Now its used for community events and a wedding or two. My uncle had his reception here. Its historic and beautiful. Full of memories and chipped paint. Scuffed up hard wood floors and wooden pews. Its a bit of pretty history for you this morning.


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  1. Hey Val, just wanted to say nice work on the new layout! Love your new header especially, it's so very sweet :) Good going x