Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello ladies.
Week 30 is here. As I was starting to wrote this post I looked back at my project 52 folder full of pictures. Really, this is an amazing project. What a fabulous to ensure documenting moments through out the year. big moments and everyday moments. I can look back on each one of these pictures and its as if they happened yesterday. I remember each one so clearly. If you aren't doing p52 this year, I highly recomend starting one. You dont even have to wait till the new year to start. You can start right now and carry on till next summer. thats the beauty of it. It can be done in a variety of ways.
My picture this week is a picture of me in my pretty new party dress. It's full of lace on the top and the skirt part is peach. It's beautiful. I'm so happy I got it.
Have a great weekend everyone. I have my cousins wedding to go too. I'm super excited.



  1. love that you are doing this project! do you print out your photos and add them to an album? and thanks for your sweet words about my project blog....i am so happy that you enjoy my photos : )