Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend re-cap

I had a fairly good weekend this weekend! On friday me and my sister went to chipotle and then to the fabric warehouse. It was so fun looking at all the amazing fabric! I just love that place. I bought all the supplies to make my two garters! Can't wait for that.
weekend re-cap
Here's my neice chowing down. She loved chipotle.
weekend re-cap
An here's my chipotle! Lots of the extra hot salsa! mmmmm!
Then Saturday we went to a surprise party for a girl from work. It was fun also, except for the mosquitoes. A half a can of bug spray later they were still biting me and my ankles show the proof today. But I did go for my first crotch rocket ride this weekend. I had only ever riden a normal motorcycle.
weekend re-cap
It was cool but felt really weird. Your really high up on these bikes compared to a motorcycle.
Sunday I mostly veged out in front of the tv. Watched Jersey shores (yes I watch that show) and the watched the VMA's also. They were ok. Beyonce's announcement was cool. Adele was awesome.
I can't wait for next weekends long weekend! This summer has been exhausting and three days with no plans and just the thought of relaxing feels amazing! I cannot wait and now I'm sure this week will drag by cause I'm waiting for it....
Hope your monday is starting off right!


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  1. looks like a nice weekend....fabric is oh so lovely : )