Friday, September 2, 2011

Project 52

We have had way way way too much water this year. It rained most of the summer. When it wasn't raining it was 95degrees and humid. Ick. I prefer spring and fall to a hot sticky summer. While I was taking this picture with my Iphone, I had my window down and was driving really slow so I could get the picture. Of course right after I snapped it a truck drove by real fast and filled the inside of my truck with water. My phone wouldn't not work for the day I was completley soaked. my purse and book were wet and my whole front seat and dash. UGH! I was so mad! But of course it was just water and it dried inside my truck and my phone was fixed. That will teach me to take pictures like this from my truck with my windows down, I guess.
As you can see in the photo the ditch and road have become one. Alot of roads in mn looked this way for alot of the summer. Some roads in the twin cities were shut down the whole summer due to flooding. I really like the rain and storms alot. But if it gets to be so much where theres fear your house or vehicles may float away, thats too much for me.

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