Saturday, September 3, 2011

A second

I have my second engagement layout to share with you. I'm having the most fun making these layouts!
So I saw this video on and I just love how she thinks. Her blog is amazing and her videos even more so! Check out shimelle if you have a chance. This particular video is all about maintaining continuity through out your book. I have never done this before. My books hardly even go in chronological order. It's hard for me to work like that. But since I am making a book of all engagement layouts then a second for wedding layouts, this concept appealed to me. I have decided that my continuity theme in the engagement book will be stitching. You can see the first layout I did here or by searching the label engagement layouts.
I'm really loving this pink ninja kit I got for these layouts!
I'm hoping to have more of these layouts to share with you soon!

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