Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Hello, everyone! I'm super excited to share today's WW post with you. If you have been following along with the Wedding Wednesday post's then you know that 90% of my wedding is handmade. Most by be but some things we ordered from etsy. Today I want to share our rings with you.
When me and valdo got engaged a long, long, long time ago he gave me a blue topaz ring. It gorgeous and I love the the stone and color. However since I have had the ring already for so many years we decided to get a new ring for me for the wedding along with the bands. We really wanted the rings to fit us and our low key/handmade/country style. Also since my first ring was blue topaz, when I saw this white topaz ring I fell in love.
Wedding Wednesday
Wedding Wednesday
Wedding Wednesday
We choose the brighter finish for my band and the darker finish for Valdo's band.
I'm absolutely in love with them and how much they tell our story.
Here's a link to the etsy shop we used and where the images are from. Joergensen Studio

Have an awesome Wednesday!


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