Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hi guys! Marlene my sweet friend is doing a fun guest post today and a giveaway! You can find marlene and her sweet blog here: My spot of sunshine! I cannot wait to see what you all do with the giveaway! Enjoy!

Hello everyone. Val’s away enjoying her wedding and asked me to post a blog post in her absence. So I’d love to share with you all how I like to add a little something extra to my handbags. AT THE END OF THIS BLOG POST I’LL TELL YOU HOW YOU CAN BE ENTERED INTO MY GIVEAWAY!!!

I always like to go down the jewelry aisle at Michaels, since its right next to the scrapbook section LOL You can pick from a wide array of beautiful charms, pendants and necklace chains or you can use any costume jewelry you already have – even pins. I also have a collection of fun flowers that I’ve picked up from stores like JCPenney, Claires, or the drug store. You can even make some handmade flowers out of felt or crochet them.

A word of caution before I begin! I have to tell you I don’t mind putting safety pins in my bags since they’re not really expensive bags. It also depends on the type of bag you have, some materials show the holes if you’re going to take the items on and off your bag.
Here’s what you’ll need:

needle nose pliers {I use jewelry pliers but I think if you’re in a pinch you could a regular plier}
safety pins
This is my bag before. I decided I would add a flower and a strand of charms to it.
I pinned down my flower first. Then I measure the chain and take off some links if it’s too long. I put one end of the chain onto the safety pin and pin it onto one end of the bag loop behind the flower.
Next I take the other end of the strand and attach it to the other loop on my bag. You’ll have to open the loop on the end of the chain with your pliers, attach it onto the metal ring and close it up. Then you can add your charms onto the chain.
And there you go… a pretty, embellished bag!


I’d love for you guys to embellish your bags.

So take a picture of your finished bag, leave a comment here and leave a link to your picture.

Everyone who participates will get their name in the drawing for a little something pretty from me.
On november 9th a winner will be choosen!
Can’t wait to see what you all come up with and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Hugs, Marlene



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