Thursday, November 10, 2011

Am I older than I am?

My pen-pal miss Tera had an interesting post yesterday, It made me think.
I'm about to be 30 in June. When I turned 29 last June I started telling people I was 30. I'm not sure why. Maybe deep down I really do wish I was 30.
My teens and early 20's were not good for me. Sure In the long run I learned from my mistakes but in reality I could have been just fine without making nearly as many mistakes as I made. I'm serious. And if I'm being really honest, I knew exactly what I was doing. But my headstrong rebellious nature told me I would be fine. SO NOT TRUE.
I was always a homebody as a young girl. I loved being at home with my brothers and sisters watching movies or just playing with each other. I never needed anything else.
After my "rocky years" growing up just could not come fast enough for me. I yearned for it! I wanted to be older and mellow and away from the rouckous youth I had been.
Sure my later 20's were good. I met valdo and all that jazz. But I wanted to be older still even then.
Someone once told me I was an old soul myself and thats why I have such a kindred spirit with older folks around me! Honest to heaven I would rather sit and crochet with my grandma than go to the bar with my mom.
I cannot wait to be 30 In June and to top that off I get to celebrate my birthday in April! My uncle is turning 40 in march so we decided to meet int he middle! I am soooo excited!
So maybe me wanting to always be older is me trying to atone for my teenage years, maybe it's me getting back to my roots, maybe I really am an old soul, maybe its my first born traits wanting to control everything. I'm not sure. All I can tell you Is next year I'll be 32 30.

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  1. Today I am enjoying reading posts that feel this really hit the spot. Thanks, Val :)