Monday, November 7, 2011


Well I am back at work today, but this is still a pre-posted post. I know I am going to have a ton of catch-up for a couple days.
I just wanted to drop by quick and tell you all that some fun things will be coming up soon on the blog!
I will have a new blog design reveal coming up soon!
(I am learning more and more and this design has some cool stuff)
I will be sharing the wedding pics in installments!!!
I will talking about the fun things we saw on our time away.
Also sharing the story of our big day!
I am so excited to share all of this with you all! I hope you all enjoyed the posts while we were gone and I can't wait to see the winner of the giveaway!
Please know it may still be a few days till I'm back to regular posting, but the posts are coming!
Have a fabulous day!

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