Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Re-cap

Hello, everyone. How was your long weekend? Full of turkey and love and shopping I hope! I had a 4 day weekend which was super awesome. My sister came to visit on Thanksgiving and we watched movies all day! Its was perfect for us! That night me and Valdo decided we would try the Black Friday shopping this year. We had never been and wanted to be able to say we had tried just once. It wasn't terrible to start with, we left the house around 8pm and went to michaels that was closing at 10. Valdo got some drawing supplies and I got a smash book. Then we had some time to kill so went and spreadout at a table at Mcdonalds with smoothies and waited a bit. around 10:30 we went to walmart to meet up with friends. We however never made it inside Walmart due to the parking lot troubles we figured inside would be even more crowded. From there we headed to target with our friends which wasn't really that bad either. We waited outside in line for about an hour which was fun and then everyone was super nice inside and everyone got what they wanted and we only waited only about 5 mins to check out. After that our last stop was Kohls. Now this was a mad house. You could barley find what you wanted cause everything was strewn all over the place by the time we got there. People were pushing and it surely lived up to all the confusion you hear is associated with black friday. Going to Kohls may have ruined black friday for me all together. I'm still deciding about that. So everyone managed to get at least one of the things they wanted and we go tto get in line. Two hour wait. what?????? The line wrapped around the inside of the store twice. Ugh! We are just about to leave when we realise there are two lines and no one knows it from the other line being so confusing. We jump in line. We end up only waiting about 20 mins! Thank goodness cause I don't know how much more pushing or shouting I can take. Me and Valdo finally arrived back home at about 3am and crashed right away. I think we may pass next year. It was a good one time adventure but something I would want to do again. We'll see I guess next year, but I'm seriously doubting it.
Then Friday was a lay low kinda day not much happening at all. Saturday night we had family and friends over for a bonfire which was fun! We played bean bags in the garage till 2am cause it ended snowing and raining most of the night which made having our fire hard.
Sunday was a day of relaxation and gearing up for the work week ahead. I finished season 6 of Gilmore Girls and worked on some more etsy stuff. So so excirted about all my new etsy stuff!
Here's me and Valdo passing time at Mcdonalds! He's already busted into his new drawing stuff and I'm smashing our Black Friday adventures already!
Black Friday
Black Friday
Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

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