Monday, November 21, 2011

Well winter is finally here in Minnesota. We got 3 inches of heavy wet snow on Saturday! The roads were terrible and I had to use 4 wheel drive just to get on my road. When its such a wet snow all it does is make ice. Its pretty but not fun to drive on at all. And due to all the snow we put our Breaking Dawn plans on hold until next weekend! Hopefully we will have better weather.
I however did get ALOT of stuff done on Saturday. I am planning to re-open my Etsy shop on 1-1-12. I have been working hard on plans and ideas for it! I got alot done! I am very excited for this and cannot wait to share my progress with you all.
Sunday my mom came down and we went out shopping! We got our "ugly hats". We are doing hats this year instead of ugly sweaters. We got a bunch of stuff for the dice game. We also decided to make handmade gifts for everyone in the family this year. My mom is making somethings for us and I am too! I think my other sisters will make stuff too! It will be a sweet, simple and perfect christmas this year! I cannot wait! I'm most excited to play charades, and pictionary which are also traditions in our family!
Over all I had a really good week! It will be a short week this week also which is nice! I will be missing my bestie while she is on vacation, but I will find a way to pass my time, lol! I hope she's enjoying herself!
Have a happy Monday everyone!


  1. Sorry about the snow issues.....I'd love to see some photos of it though. And it's nice to hear your family is doing a handmade Christmas.....that is super cool :)

  2. Sorry carrie I didn't get any of the snow this time but dont worry I will!