Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do you travel?

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Do you travel alot?
When I was a little girl my family traveled all over the states. Me and my sister have spent alot of our days in the cab of a chevy S-10 pickup with my parents. I loved it! Even though now I have only glimpses of memories rather than full blown memories, I cherish every moment I can of it. It was adventurous and amazing.
I lived in 4 different states before we came back to minnesota.
My mother still really loves to travel and I have been on many trips with her later in life. We just took one this summer actually.
One of the things we like to do when we travel is keep track of how many states we have been in.
I'm in the number third spot right below my mother and step father with alex and heidi close behind me.
The 32 states I have visited (in no particular order)
Oregon-California-Nevada-Idaho-Wyoming-Montana-North Dakota-South Dakota-Nebraska-Colorado-Kansas-Minnesota-Iowa-Missouri-Oklahoma-Arkansas-Wisconsin-Illinois-Mississippi-Indiana-Kentucky-Tennesee-Alabama-Georgia-South Carolina-North Carolina-Virgina-West Virgina-Ohio-Texas-New Mexico-Arizona
Of all of these I have visited I think Colorado is my favorite next to my home state of Minnesota. Colorado is like Minnesota in so many ways it felt like home, and the added bonus was all the mountains we don't have here. I just loved it there. Its also one of the states I have visited more than once. 3 times I have been there.
I took this photo of Pike's Peak while I was in Colorado this summer! It was so beautiful there!

Whats you favorite state that you have visited? Do you travel? Alot, a little, never?



  1. I LOVE TRAVELING!!!! BUT why haven't you visited us cool folk over here in Florida??? ;) he he

    I really want to visit Colorado.

    By the way, I absolutely love the layout! ,3

    Hope you're doing great this morning!


  2. I have been to a few states but my favorite was New Mexico! I loved loved the food and the homes they were so cute and all the red rock everywhere, I really want to go to Miami....

  3. Thank you adri! I just posted this new design right after the wedding. I do love to travel but Im not big on heat so we will see about florida hahah. Happy to see you here! Missed you for awhile I wasn't seeing you around!

  4. me too renee! It was red every where and I saw so many traditional adobe homes!!! I like the culture alot!!!!

  5. I adore traveling. lucky for me I have family spread out over the US so that I can make excuses to travel more. So far I love Hawaii but not just because its beautiful, but my amazing nieces and sister-in-law who I adore live there. Sadly I don't get to travel out of the country enough, but I do have big plans someday...

  6. sounds amazing! Hawaii would be beautiful!
    Do you have a blog I can check out?