Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mucho moxie in 2012

Every year me and my Bestie Renee pick out words for the year. Words to help remember where we are going that year and how we want the year to go. Words to help us stay strong, focused, in charge of our lives. Words to guide us and live by. Last year my word was FAITH. It was the absolute perfect word for me last year. I didn't even know how perfect it would be when I chose it. It helped me, taught me, calmed me, strengthened me. It gave me something to rely and to remember. It was and still is a word very dear to me! Full of so much meaning and memory. I have faith, I will always have faith, but this is a new year and with that comes a new word.
I started brainstorming this week on some ideas. Things like: hard work, perseverance, persistance...
Then I was browsing around in the thesaurus hoping to find the exact right word to describe what I want my word to convey.
There it was.
I knew instantly that would be my word. Its so funny too, when i saw the word I thought to myself I just heard that word this week and was going to look it up not quite positive of its meaning.
What a coincidence.
This word is everything I want to say. Everything I want to accomplish this coming year. The way I want to live my life this year.
my word
It's perfect! I love it! It says everything I want it to say, everything I want to have, be, feel in 2012!
This year is going to be full of work, courage, dertermination, preseverance. Mucho Moxie! Mucho, Mucho Moxie!!!!
I am so excited for 2012 and my word!

What are you looking forward to in 2012? Do you pick out a theme or a word to guide you through the year?


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