Friday, December 9, 2011

project 52

project 52
project 52
I know this is a blurry photo, but it's an important photo.
This is me and Chessa. Chessa was a gift to me on my 15th birthday. She's and old lady now. Doesn't she look so distinguished? I think she's beautiful.
Although Chessa was my dog she didn't live with us very long. I was back and forth between my parents house around this time and after awhile my mom couldn't take of her anymore and couldn't make sure she got played with and everything. We gave her to my step father's aunt and uncle. They had a german shepard named Mojo.
I was so sad to see Chessa leave. Inconsolable. She was my first pet and I couldn't stand the thought of her with someone else.
I couldn't understand she would be better off with them. She would have a good long life with them. She did too!
Chessa is now 15 and believe it or not this is the first time I got to see her since she left my house years ago. Maybe it was best this way.
This weekend I saw her and almost cried with joy when I saw her! She's and old lady now and can't see or hear, but we layed on the floor together and I pet her for what seemed like hours. I told her I used to be her mama and how much I loved her then and love her still.
It made so happy to know she had not one best friend but two. Mojo and bullet. Mojo just passed and theres just Bullet left with Chessa.
I am happy she had a good life. I am happy they took her and gave her and great home when I was unable to.
I am over joyed that I got to see her one last time.
Chessa is very sick and old. My heart tells me she won't be here much longer.
I hope she finds Mojo when she's gone and that she know what a good puppy she was and how much we all loved her!


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