Wednesday, January 18, 2012

52 weeks of crafts- week 3

Hey everyone I am back with another fun craft this week. Let me first preface this post by saying I know the photos this week aren't great but I leave in the dark and come home in the dark so It's really hard to take good photos. But I think you will still get the gist of the it.
So onto the project!
A tree branch or twig to your liking (I did go and cut mine myself with a hand saw but it was too cold for me to run around and get photos of this. Sorry.)
A piece of wood to use as your base
A drill with bits for screws and making a hole
Mod podge
Paint brush
jewelry stand
Step 1
Gather the branch and wood you want to use as your base along with the other tools needed.
jewelry stand
jewelry stand
Step 2
I choose two small pieceS to make into my base. We screwed them together at each end from the top. You could also just use a single piece of 2x4 or a wood block. Get creative.
jewelry stand
Step 4
Use the drill attatchment to make holes and cut out a hole where you want your branch to go. (note- we only drilled through the top board so that my branch did not go through both.)
jewelry stand
Step 5
Run a screw through the bottom of your base into the center of your branch to ensure stability. (note- you could also use some wood glue to help if you like. we ended up not using it.)
jewelry stand
You should be left with something like this.
jewelry stand
Step 6
Decorate your base and branch.
I choose to mod podge fabric all over my base and leave my branch plain but you could really do whatever you want at this point. (note- if you spray or paint your branch at all make sure to use a sealer so no paint ruins your jewelry)
jewelry stand
There you have it, your very own unique hand crafted one of a kind jewelry display!
If you make this craft leave me a link i would love to see your versions of it!



  1. Okay now I get why you were out cutting down trees! lol great idea!!!

  2. lol, and the whole thing was so easy and took a total of about 30 mins! I love love love it, especially with the pretty stuff you send me on it!!!