Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I read two really good articles on friends this week that both really moved me. You can see Adri's here and Manda's here.
I haven't always had alot of friends in my life. Usually I have one or two really good friends that last for years. In the last 5 years I lost 2 friendships and both had been in my life for over 10 years. It was sad! I had a hard time with it and I still miss them. The thing is that at the time I didn't understand. I didn't know what was going on and why there was this sudden bickering and heartache where there had always been nothing but love before. I was feeling so hurt. It was a like a breakup only worse. Girlfriends are so much more important than guys. They are the ones who are there when the guys are all gone. I was completely incosolable. I felt alone and broken.
I understand now what was happening. We were growing apart. Going down the paths we were meant for. Sometimes it just works out that not everyone you meet on your path will be with you your whole journey. It sucks sometimes yes but it meant to be. I know now we were at the end of our journey together and that has helped me heal and continue to think back on them with fond memories instead of hurt over them being gone.
Even though I understand now that it all has purpose and meaning and that it happens that way for a reason, I seem to be a little more cautious now. Careful on who my friends are. More thoughtful on who I let get really close to me. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. Sometimes I feel like its better. Like my close friends are so special to me and we are the perfect set of best friends.
I know for sure that I want my friends to know how important they are to me. Whether they stay with me a lifetime or just a season. They are a part of my journey and I wouldn't be the same without them.
I would like to hope that I practice the things Manda talked about in her post, but as of now I am going to make the extra effort to really be there and be a better friend. I want to make the extra effort to let them know how much I care and that they are special to me and my life!
Have your told your girls today how much they mean to you?


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