Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Washi Madness for Cute Tape's first giveaway

washi tape
 (Cute tape graphic from and washi tape strip from Pugley pixel) is having their first giveaway!!! Washi Tape is the inspiration behind the giveaway, so that's what we are going to talk about today.

I have been in love with ever since I saw this amazing doily stamp they carry. Then I browsed and fell even more in love. They carry the most amazing stuff, like this rockin' set of divine twine bakers twine! What about this too cute tape dispenser. But, what I love most in the store is all the washi tape, such as this flower one, this lace set, and the pink and turquoise set that has hearts, bunting, and music notes! Too cute for words!

I don't have alot of access to washi tape except for online orders but I have still managed to acquire a fair sized stash of all types of tape. The possibilities for crafting with tape are never ending, this is why I love using tape in my designs so much! The limit is only your imagination. Let me show you some unique projects made with tape.

This first layout was made using plain old packing tape and very interesting technique you can find here.
packing tape
This next project is a mini album shaped as a house that I made. Washi tape was crucial in this design as it holds all my pieces together and also adds trim around each page.
house mini
In my new travel journal I used alot of washi tape. I embellished the cover and used it as dividers on my pages inside.
house mini
And here's a few other layouts and journal pages using washi tape.
house mini
This giveaway is so amazing the prize is
house mini
If I won this prize I would go on a shopping spree at and share it all with my bestie!
Half of my washi tape stash now has come from her. Whenever she gets new tape she ever so carefully places strips and strips of it on page protectors and sends it to me! She is such a sweetie, and it would be so fun to go through the shop and pick out all the cute stuff we have been eyeing for so long!
So Go check out all the washi tape and other cute stuff at and read about the giveaway here. Find cute tape on face book here.
Join in the fun with us or just go and get inspiration to start building your own washi tape collection!

And just for fun I created this Washi Tape ad using the Got milk ad's as inspiration.
washi tape ad
(washi tape strips from Pugley pixel)


  1. I hope you win...This is a great post!!!

  2. how cute is that picture of you :)

  3. Good luck on the giveaway! This post is sweet and cute like rolls of washi! :) The Washi Tape ad you had is very impressive!