Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? we are still having unusually warm weather here in Minnesota and we still have no snow. Its so weird. They say this weekend it might get below 0 for the first time this year finally. I wish it would snow too. Its so weird to not have snow. I go outside and everything is brown. It messes with me, makes me feel like it's spring not winter.
I didn't get anything on my To-do list done, but I guess sometimes you just need a weekend where you do nothing.
I did however make my first batch of pozole! Oh man it turned out soooooooooo good! Yum! I will say though it was harder and messier than I thought. And there isn't good ways to measure stuff so eyeballing it all had me a little nuts, but I think it will go better next time I try it!
I am hoping tonight to get some of the stuff done on my list that sat neglected all weekend. Wish me luck with that.
In other news, Kona turned 3 on Thursday. We usually make her and omelet on her birthday but I just got eggs yesterday so I think tonight we make try and make her an omelet.
This was Kona right after we got her. Isn't she such a little cutie! We really got lucky getting a dog with such a good personality. Shes sweet, always wants to play, and never barks unless asked to speak. I had never met a dog that didn't bark before. She's so adorable and full of Kona-isms. These funny little mannerisms and traits that only she has!
I think we would be lost without her now. She fills our lives up! She goes almost every where with us!
So Kona Happy Happy Birthday to you!


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  1. OMG Kona as a puppy was SOOOO CUTE! and of course, she's still adorable now but I know that I have already said that in other comments before ;)


    PS: I so totally love the fonts you use in your blog (side bar, "weekend re-cap, etc" If I had $$$ I would totally have you makeover my blog!!!! beautiful!