Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

Hey everyone, Hope you all had an amazing weekend! We finally got a little bit of snow. A inch and a half on Friday and its snowing again now. Its really sad that a small amount like that makes me happy but its all we've been getting this year. Also because we are not use to having snow that inch and half on Friday caused a lot of problems for drivers. There was a record 682 crashes statewide on Friday from slick roads. That's a number I have never heard before and I hope a day like that never happens again.
On a brighter note I finished Gilmore Girls season 7 the final season. I never watched it on TV so I was watching it now. It made me sad to see it end! I was really into those girls and all the characters on the show.
I also got my Travel Journal finished, photographed, and packed up. I will show you all the whole thing in a post tomorrow.
Until then Happy Monday!

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