Wednesday, February 1, 2012

52 weeks of crafts- week 5

This week I have a really fun project I wanted to share with you!
I have a bunch of this wood pattern fabric I have been dying to use for something fun. When we were brainstorming engagement shot ideas carving initals into a tree was an idea that came up. I think this project encompasses that feeling for the indoors!
embroidery hoop art
Floss in matching colors
Fabric with wood design
Glue gun
White felt (not pictured)
Paint and paint brush
embroidery hoop art
Begin by cutting a chunk of fabric that is a bit larger than the hoop you are using.
embroidery hoop art
Put your fabric in the hoop and tighten to desired tightness. Then turn over and trim the excess fabric. You could also fold the excess fabric in and glue it down if you desire.
embroidery hoop art
Begin painting your design. You could go with just initials or your whole name as I am doing here.
embroidery hoop art
Finish painting your design and allow to dry completely.
embroidery hoop art
Cut a small heart from your white felt and using a small amount of hot glue attach it to your fabric between the names.
embroidery hoop art
Add some hand stitching around the heart and there you have it! A fun tree carved inspired piece of art!
If you create this project, leave me a link I would love to see it!!