Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hey ladies, I know it's Wednesday and I am supposed to be posting my 52 crafts but because I am on vacation and this post was pre written I will share 2 crafts next week in lieu of this week.
So today instead I want to share some more fun layouts with you!
I have been very interested lately with the style that Shimelle scraps in. She showed a theory in a video not to long ago that talked about forming a triangle around your photos with embellishments thus causing the eye to always be drawn in to the photos. Also noting that its best to group things in 2's or 3's. Well I was very intrigued by this idea and wanted to test it out. I have started working on out west trip photos and so here are the layouts in order. (I am scrapping the photos in order this time.)
This layout is not really where I started taking photos on the trip but coming through Iowa and kansas I didn't take many cause I have seen all that before. So This is Oklahoma. This was a tourist trap we had stopped at cause I wanted to see Texas longhorn. I had a list of things I wanted to see while we on the trip and most of them I got to see except the armadillo and elk.
Here at the cherokee trading post I saw my longhorn and buffalo which I am very familiar with from living in Idaho as a child.
This was the sunset as we were coming into New Mexico. Gorgeous! Just beautiful, and so different from the scenery and sunsets I see in Minnesota.
This was a way side rest as we were crossing into Arizona. My first time seeing up close all these cliffs and plateaus. And Cactus!!! Although this was not the cactus I was excited about seeing, it was a cactus still!!!!
This is some scenic things from the highway. I am naive. I truly thought I would see more desert in Arizona. I thought there would be almost no vegetation on the ground and I sure did think the ground was flat. I was sorely mistaken. These huge plateaus are every where there. And in a while I will get to the other thing that really shocked me in Arizona!!!

I hope you are enjoying all my layouts and maybe you will try this technique next time you sit down to scrap!

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  1. They are all so fun! Great technique :D