Monday, February 27, 2012

More trip layouts

I am still working on my trip layouts an really enjoying them!!! I got Amy Tangerines line from american crafts to work on the rest and I am super excited about that!
This is my first glimpse of the painted desert which is a geological formation arcing from the Petrified National Forest Park westward to the eastern edge of the Grand Canyon. It was completely amazing seeing all this colored rocks and mountain and sand!
AS we were driving through the Petrified National forest we saw that part of Old Route 66 used to actually run through where the park is. That's so cool to have these old cars left there in memory.
This may be one of my favorite photos from the whole trip! Me out on the ledge. It said do not cross but seriously how could I miss a photo-op like that??? Also another cactus!!! (we still have not got to the cool cactus)
Some more scenic shots of the coloring that is the painted desert!
Be back soon with more trip layouts!

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  1. So fun!.....and I agree.....I think the photo you mentioned is my favorite too :D