Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My first wedding layouts

I am so excited to have new product and to get to work on Wedding stuff! Woohoo!
This is my favorite photo of me and Valdo from the day! I like the bunting on here as it goes with the theme of how I decorated the hall. I also like how well the colors match!
I love the doilies on this pp. They match my theme and add such a vintage appeal. What about those aged shutters around the photo? How freakin cute are they?
I love how this layout turned out!
Check back soon for more wedding layouts.


  1. the photos of your wedding are lovely....and the new scrapbook product is totally fun! Great layouts!!! Oh, and BTW for the sunset silhouette prompt it can b a silhouette of anything/anyone you doesn't have to be you if you don't want it to be, so no worries ;)

  2.  ok thank you! I dont mind having it of me I just hav never taken a silouhette pic before so Im nervous I need to practice lol!

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