Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Aurora Borealis

On March 8th 2012 There were alot of solar flares which then made it possible for us here in Minnesota and other surrounding areas including Canada, able to view the Northern Lights. See the story here.
As you know I have a photographer friend that I work with and he also does alot of my photo taking for me. Ian and my other photography friend Tony set out that night to capture photos of these elusive lights.
They are rare where I live. We are not quite far enough north. Being as I am from northern Minnesota though, this was not my first rodeo. I have seen them before. They are amazing, the way they dance across the sky without a care in the world. I think they are very magical!
I remember watching them with my dad and sister as a child. He would microwave popcorn and we would curl up in the bed of his pickup truck and watch them. Amazing memories I have of the Aurora Borealis.
So I wanted to share a few photos of that night a few days ago with you. These photos were all shot a mere 20 miles north of my house, in Cambridge MN.
northern lights
This one is a GIF he created. See how beautifully they dance through the sky!
northern lights
This one was found online by Tony and Ian and shared with me. This is a four hour time lapse shot which shows the stars circling around and the Northern Lights.
northern lights
Here you can read what he says about it and watch a youtube video of his process making this photo.
To see more of Ian's work go here.
To see more of Tony's work go here.

So what do you think of the Aurora Borealis? Have you ever seen them?



  1. These are beautiful!  I'm determined to see them in person one day!  :)

  2. I'm not sure if Ian told you, but he's a friend of mine. That's originally how I found your adorable site. :) He's actually my ex. He's a great kid. 

    I've never seen Aurora Borealis but it looks amazing and your memories of awesome. Hope to make some of those with my family as time goes on as well. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures!

  3. Gracias por compartir!! que bella experiencia!! 

  4.  gracias stella, mucho tiempo sin hablar.

  5.  yes I do know who you are! thanks for the love on my blog! they are magical and I hope you get to see them some day!

  6.  try hard to see them, It's one of the most amazing things you will ever see! photos don't do them justice!