Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crafty girls get healthy

Weekend recap
Crafty girls get healthy went live this week. You can check it out here on the blog:
Or here on facebook:
I posted about this challenge here awhile back. I am co-hosting it with my friend Marlene. We have decided enough is enough and we want to get healthy and encourage others to get healthy also.
We will be doing this through our blog and our 8 week challenge.

Here's an excerpt from Day one:
Through out this challenge we are going to talk about more reason why you are worth it.
Why carving out you time is important. Why eating healthy is important. Why exercise
your mind and body and spirit is important. And the great thing is that we will all be
in this together, working towards the same goal. If you feel like you need to talk or
vent to someone, we’ll be hear to listen. We got your back!

So know that this challenge may be difficult. Know that at some point you may want
to quit. We’ll be there for each other, keeping each other from throwing in the
towel. You’ll have someone to be accountable to. Also know that we are here with
you, working through our own journeys and you are not alone. Know that the reward of
reaching your goal with be worth all your hard work. You are worth it!

We really hope you will stop and check us out, See the fun stuff going on and play along with us if you like!


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