Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The final trip layouts

I am sad to these end! I had the best time getting back into my scrapping groove with these layouts! Of course big thanks to Amy Tan and her amazing line and also to shimelle for inspiring the layouts design of the book.
While Valdo and I were climbing and exploring around at Garden Of The Gods Park, I got this amazing shot through the trees. Forsure one of my favorites from that day.
Again I used the Amy Tan map paper which allowed to mark where the Park was in Colorado! Just so perfect! How me and Valdo resist this sweet photo-op with the Buffalo's and then I obviously had to tell my buffalo story.
Wait, what you want to hear it too? Of course you do, who doesn't love a buffalo story?
So when I was in Kindergarten we lived in Idaho and my dad worked as a park Ranger at Craters of the Moon national park. It was amazing! A fabulous place to live full of wilderness and mountains! I loved it and have many fond memories from that time in my life.
One day We were sight seeing around there, and spots we were at had a bunch of watch out for the buffalo signs. Kinda like we have don't feed the bears signs in MN. Well we are walking around and me and heidi (my little sis) were playing around and what not and I come around a bush and 20 feet from me is a Buffalo. A huge Buffalo. (maybe it seemed like a furry whale to me cause at the time I was probably only 2 feet tall) I wasn't afraid, more in awe of this beast in front of me. I said very happily to my Dad "Look , there's a buffalo daddy." "Okay honey, that's nice." was the response I got. Lol. "Daddy he's so big" is what I said next and this time my dad took me a little more serious! lol. He came around the bush saw the buffalo.
He not so calmly says" Val walk backwards to me very slowly." I did what he said of course realizing how dangerous the situation was. The older I got the story got embellished so much it turned into a buffalo ready to charge me. (I don't remember that part so I don't know if it happened. But there you have it, My buffalo story.
Here's Pike's Peak. So majestic isn't it? We were told the snow we could see was covering acres and was probably 20 feet deep! It reminded me of home and made me dislike the heat we were in that much more. I really love how it appeared that the clouds were just resting right on top of the mountain.
And here we are, the last layout of the trip. "Can you find the kissing camel's?" they are they are so adorable. We looked with a viewfinder while we were in the park and they really look just like camels sucking face!

I hope you have enjoyed these layouts and that you go visit Amy and Shimelle and get some inspiration of your own!
Next up, Honeymoon photos!


  1. love your buffalo story - so cute!  great layouts :)