Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trip layouts

I am back with more trip layouts! I finally got to use my new Amy Tan stuff and I loved it! I couldn't believe how it all matched so well to what I was doing with it! It's like the line was meant for my trip! (Just wait you will see what I mean)
project 52
Here we are in the petrified forest still. The photo shows whole trees that were turned to rock and agate over time. It was absolutley the coolest thing I have ever seen! I never knew something like this could happen.
project 52
Here I am showing up close some of the tree's turned to agate. (here's what I mean about the paper matching) Do you see Minneapolis on the paper, where I live, then follow the line all the way down and it stops at??? The Petrified National Forest. What are the odds. I picked this line because it was travel themed but it really turned out to have so much more that I needed for these layouts!
project 52
This was another area where I was supposed to stay in the car, I know, I know I am a huge rule breaker. I just couldn't resist walking in the dried up river. I have never seen a river like this. In Minnesota we are full, overflowing even with lake and rivers. Then what do I happen to see but these wolf tracks.(they are actually probably coyote but oh well) So I pulled out an old twilight stamp set I won and this layout fell into place!
project 52
Here is Agate Bridge. I completely followed the rules here and never stepped foot on the bridge. This log fell and stayed like this through the whole becoming an agate process. Amazing. Eventually they decided to lay the slab to support it!
project 52
This huge amazing storm was beside us for some time. At one point we thought we might have lost it! It was so pretty to see across the desert plains.

I will have more to share tomorrow!

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