Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

So our weekend away in St. Cloud with the girls went good! Good good! But let me tell you I am so tired! Two days of nearly solid shopping and little bits of sleep at night is making for a very slow Monday morning for me.
Weekend recap
Here I am in the car on the way to St. cloud. Funny story. I drove about an hour north of my house to meet my mom and sister and then we went the rest of the way together. I left my truck over night in the grocery store parking lot of Mora where we met. As I was packing my stuff into my moms SUV we somehow bumped something which made my door not latch shut. After digging around with it and some pliers we got the door to shut but I had now set my keys down on my seat without remembering it. I locked the doors and off we went. I had no idea I did this till we get to my truck Sunday and can't find my keys. Ugh, I am lucky some how that no one took my truck considering also that the door we bumped and messed up never locked. LOL.
Weekend recap
Finally a good picture of crafts direct. It is this huge. I love how the store front looks like a bungh of old general stores. Inside its set up like one huge store not separated. We still didn't see the whole thing lol.
Weekend recap
Amy and I at dinner Saturday night with everyone else! It was good but I didn't eat and had a drink and was feeling a bit sick. I don't normally drink.
Weekend recap
The next day as we continue the shopping quest I spot this from the road and of course make us stop so I can go say hello. It was my favorite "waving cactus" and the sweet donkey!
Weekend recap
Then I made everyone get out and take a photo with me! We looked like tourist's in our own state LOL.

Overall it was an amazing weekend! I got a crapload more scrapbook supplies and 4 new outfits, so it was succesful!
Spending time with my family was so great too. Now that we have all the supplies we need for awhile I think we need to get together and have a crafty girls weekend!

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