Monday, April 2, 2012

Hunger Games

My sister Heidi came to visit this weekend for me to bring her to my work and have some tires mounted on her car. Well after that we decided to hang out and so we grabbed subway went home and ate lunch with Valdo then the 3 of us headed to the theatre. First up was Hunger Games of course. Now my sister who reads more than me maybe (she forsure owns more books than me) has not read the book yet.(**GASP**) I know super shocking! She still wanted to see it. Me and Valdo were really excited to go also. We get in and I'm munching on my popcorn and gummi worms (Which are my drugcandy of choice, then it starts. Seriously from minute one I was stuck to the screen. I loved the movie. Loved it! I only noticeably picked out two things I thought were missing or strange in the story line. I really loved the flow of it although I was expecting alot more blood. The only thing that left me feeling unimpressed was the the epiness, if that makes sense. I wasn't left feeling awed really! Yes I loved it and it went so according to the movie. I just hmmm, I dont really know how to explain it. It just didn't feel as big to me as I thought. I think I was expecting more grandess and spectacular images and I didn't find that. I just thought I would feel more awed with the colors, and scenes, and shots of the capitol than I was.
Now please dont get me wrong it is still really really really cool! And I really really really want you all to go see it!!! NOW!! Its that good.
After we were finished watching Hunger Games we decided to make it a double feature and head into Wrath of the Titans. SO GOOD! Liam Neeson makes me all kinds of happy, especially as Zeus. Yes its kinda of a bloody guy action flick, but my sister and I loved it just as much as Valdo!

Also on my list of upcoming must see movies is:
Snow White and the Huntsman
The Avengers
Mirror Mirror
Just found out they are remaking this:
Total Recall
I have so many funny memories of watching the original with Arnold S. on repaet with my cousins when we were young.
Breaking Dawn Part 2
The Hobbit
So many good movies to look forward too!


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  1. I love going to the theater.....hoping to see the Hunger Games next week....and I love the Wrath of the Titans movies.....even the one from the 1970s!