Saturday, May 5, 2012

Challenge one

Travel Journal
Hello everyone and welcome to National Scrapbooking day 2012!
Through out the day I will be sharing a number of challenges. Do one, do all. Just have fun! Be creative and enjoy the day!!!
I have choose mostly to make my challenges scraplifts although there a few others to change it up mixed it. And when I say scraplift I mean not the whole layout exactly how it is. I mean theres a trend or theme or motif somewhere on the layout that intrigued me and I want you to find your inspiration somewhere on the layout and go from there.
So with out further blabbing from me lets get to challenge number one.
The first layout idea was the use of confetti. I have been seeing this around now quite a bit and really wanted to try it out myself.
Kelly Purkey made a real cute layout here with confetti.
Travel Journal
So on this challenge use confetti as your inspiration. Have fun!!
Leave a link in the comments with what you create for the challenge.


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  1. I love Kelly's style....this is a rad layout.....thanks for sharing!