Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lovely Saturday

Hey everyone, I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weather and that it stopped raining where you are! I hope you are spending time with your mother. I hope you are listening to amazing music and genuinely enjoying your weekend.

I will be spending all day Saturday at a 200+ neighborhood garage sale with my Mom and sister Rachelle. I cannot wait! I look forward to these sales all year. We have gone the last 4 years!

I also want to share this awesome video with you. Of course the song is amazing and I'm sure you all love it as much as I do, but the dancing is fabulous also! I love dance maybe cause I don't dance at all. I love So you think you can dance, I love America's next top dance crew, I love all the dancing shows. So for your viewing pleasure here you go! Enjoy!

And possibly the best news I could share with you, today is only 75 days till my trip!!! What??? Remember how just yesterday it was 100+ days, its coming up faster than I thought!!!


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