Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First storms of the year

Our first severe weather of the year is supposed to hit tonight and all week long. Tonight is supposed to be the worst of it so far and then the rest of the week may just be plain old thunderstorms. Tonight a massive super cell is forming and they are warning people to keep their eyes on the sky and to have your tornado routine planned out.
Last weekend I took time and cleaned out our area under the stairs for the season so we are prepared for tornado season. At work last week we also had a meeting to go over our shelter areas in case of bad weather or tornados.
I really love storms alot so in honor of the first storms of the season I thought I would post some of my older storm photos! storms
storms This photo is completely un edited. The sky was really this color, and no its not sunset.
storms Love this shot of the monster in the mirror.
storms The sirens were going off as we took these photos. They just may be some of the most amazing storm clouds I have ever seen.
storms Left side of the parking lot.
storms Middle of the parking lot.
storms Right side of the parking lot.

Do you love storms as much as I do? What kind of servere weather happens where you live? Hurricanes, earthquakes? I would love to hear about the kinds of things you all deal with during the summer where you live.



  1. Sandra BlickettMay 1, 2012 at 1:39 PM

    Those photos are amazing ... and a little bit scary too!  Over here in England weather is never all that extreme although we are having incredibly high rainfall here at the moment causing awful flooding in some areas.  Stay safe and tfs.

  2.  Thanks for sharing sandra! Flooding can also be very serious. I have seen that happen here in the spring when all the snow melts. Mother nature is sure amazing in what she throws at us.  Have a lovely evening!

  3. marlene filipiukMay 1, 2012 at 4:02 PM

    wow those pics are amazing - the clouds are awesome!

  4. Cool post.....love the photos.....not too shure about the weather here in Seattle yet, but in San Diego there were earthquakes often, wildfires in the fall, and flooding because the rare occasion it would rain was like a monsoon!

  5. Thank you! I bet sometimes you guys get bad storms like that in New york??