Friday, May 11, 2012

Project 52

project 52

I have not had such a good couple of days. My truck decided to quit all of the sudden with no warning. It's the tranny. Even with my discount the cost of fixing it would be what I paid for it 3 years ago, so its really not worth it for us.
So yesterday after work I spent a half hour cleaning out my truck. I am so sad. I know it may sound weird to have such an attatchment to a vehicle but I do to my suburban.

I have always always wanted to own a suburban. When Valdo bought it for me for my birthday 3 years ago I was ecstatic!!!
We have been through alot with this truck, seen alot and visited alot of places. We have taken many many trips up north in the truck. Given my silly drunk uncles rides home with them sitting on each others laps in that truck. We went up the north shore for our honey moon in that truck. We hauled and planned and packed for our wedding in that truck. We went ice fishing as a family in that truck. Kona grew up in the truck. Its Sad!

This morning I junked it out at my work. They will take what they want from it and then crush it.
Sad! So today I am remembering the suburban I loved and longed for for so long! remembering all the good times and looking forward to a new vehicle and the adventures we will have in that one!

*****Update, here is my truck being brought in on the loader just a few minutes ago! ugh!******

project 52


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