Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

So I went to the garage sales this weekend and scored big on clothes! I was needing some capris for summer real bad as I was down to only one pair.I got 4 pairs and 2 tops! Woohoo! Now I'm all set on clothes for the trip. Speaking of which how fast is my trip coming up????? Renee are you ready for fun????

My birthday is a month away from tomorrow! That's awesome too! Can't wait! Remember everyone the huge blog party going on all month long in June here in honor of my 30th birthday! There's going to be alot of fun going on! Lots of giveaways and even a fun guest post!

How was mother's day for all of you? It was really lovely outside here all weekend long! So lovely I managed to get burnt and had my purse across my chest which left a lovely design. ugh! I need to get some tanning lotion and tan outside, I don't want to have ghostly white legs when we go on our trip! and I don't want to get burned out there so I need to get a head start now. I tried a bit yesterday but Kona comes and stands next to me and blocks all my sun until she decides to lay down and sunbathe with me! She loves to lay in the sun too!

I haven't yet had time to sit down with me mom at the computer and book RV sites. So she is leaving it up to me to decide where we stay for the trip so that's what I'm working on this week. On top of that we still need to find a car. Unfortunately we need our green truck to run so that we have a vehicle to go car shopping in. So that means at lunch I have to get tabs and in insurance and a new battery for my green truck. So there's alot going on this week!

I hope that I will have some new layout to share with you this week. I am really trying my hardest to get caught up on my stuff so that when I get back from the trip I will be able to scrap it right away while it's still fresh in my mind!

And now some food for your ears and soul!


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  1. Sounds like a great weekend (minus the sunburn), and that you are going to be super busy this week. And I am really excited for your blog party!!! Eeek! It's going to be so fun!